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P&I reaches an executive-level audience at the nation’s largest retirement funds, endowments, foundations investment consulting and asset management firms. Our controlled audience of professional investors delivers a uniquely qualified group that provides an incredibly efficient media buy with NO WASTE. Our 50,000 subscribers (150,000 readers) are all decision-makers in the professional investment community.

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48% of readers hold executive titles including Chairman, President, CEO, Owner, Partner, CFO, CIO and Executive Vice President

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Over 72% of gatekeepers at the largest U.S. corporate, government and union funds, educational institutions and foundations receive Pensions & Investments. That’s second only to the Wall Street Journal. Among the top 1,000 money management firms, 73% of all chief investment officers and directors of investment regularly read P&I. (3 out of 4 issues)¹

Source: 2013 Pensions & Investments Subscriber Study 2011; Professional Money Study - Erdos & Morgan

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